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Are you an MG Owner who is interested in meeting other like-minded friends?

We meet at 8.00pm on the second Wednesday of every month at

The Rolls-Royce Social Club
Gate 1, Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 6EU

 Owners of MG's of any vintage, including modern cars, are welcome, Although we all MG's (in varying states of repair) our meetings cover a wide variety of activities ranging from quizzes, talks by various speakers or just a drink and chat. However if you do have any problems with your car then there is no better place to discuss it!


Notts Area Club is a member of the national MG Owners Club. Membership of that organisation brings you a monthly colour magazine together with the opportunity for special insurance for MG's including "Agreed Valuation".

We also try to run events which are of interest to those that do not "Live and Breath MG's", as well as those that do. We realise that "Partners" do not always think the same way as we do, and that even we may have some time for other interests.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings at The Rolls-Royce Social Club. The first time you come to a meeting, introduce your self to the Secretary or any Committee Member, and we will ensure that you are made welcome.

 There is a small Annual Subscription.
Should you like any further information please contact Keith Dudley on


​email  redhousefarm@kdudley.co.uk 

or through our contact page.

Our club has fifty cars with family members.  The site is being updated on a regular basis and will incorporate news and information from the club meetings and club events which run through the year, photos will be on display on the website.

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The MG coffee meets are still proving very popular thanks to Steve.

 Thank you to John and Elspeth for organising their first Treasure Hunt. The finish venue was Denby Pottery for Sunday Lunch and was very good. This year’s winners were Gil and Jean; congratulations to you both on a very high score.

Welcome to the Notts Area MG Owners Club.

This is the website for our classic MG car club based in Nottinghamshire, we hope that you enjoy visiting this site and any feedback you wish to give will be greatly appreciated.